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Student in Career Services
The Office of Career Services has a number of progressive programs and services designed to connect you with the people, resources, and organizations that will take you to the next level in realizing your career aspirations. Our experienced and courteous staff is prepared to assist you in developing personalized career and job search strategies, developing your resume and cover letters, and in connecting you with employers and other professional networks that match your career interest.
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The next step after creating an account is to post the career opportunities or internships that your organization has to offer. Symplicity Instructions Non OCR Job/Internship Go to https://howard-csm...
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Resumes & CVs Studies have shown, recruiters spend an average 6 seconds reviewing an individuals resume before making a decision on whether or not to extend an invitation for an interview. Resume...
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Howard University’s official career education and job-search site, BisonCareerLink is a comprehensive career development portal that offers hundreds of job listings. It provides students with...
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AT&T proudly supports the Office of Career Services.

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Hours of Operations
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Monday - Friday

Office of Career Services
525 Bryant Street, NW 
Suite 212
Washington, DC. 20059





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